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Broadcast Syndication / Film Rights Distribution

In the film industry, broadcast syndication is the sale of motion pictures to television stations. The process requires for the television station to acquire distribution rights for the motion picture. There are many guidelines, rules, and procedures in the broadcast syndication business, which may be time consuming if a rights licensing system is not available. The problem is that most production and distribution companies have different rules and regulations for film distribution, and finding a rights licensing system that is flexible to handle the demands of various syndicates is easier said than done: That search ends with MediaRights - Rights Licensing Software.

MediaRights ensures that your business runs efficiently by channeling the rights licensing process through a seamless workflow, creating a dynamic environment for broadcast syndication. MediaRights manages film distribution rights by adjusting to the rules and regulations of film distribution companies, such as handling user defined restrictions, holdbacks, availabilities, conflict checking every step of the way, sales orders, contracts, attaching additional contracts to the sales order, setting payment terms based on regulations of the syndicate, materials servicing, and more.

The key to a dynamic rights licensing software is user-defined tables. Additionally, MediaRights allows syndicators to define how to manage motion picture rights by assigning levels of access for each user to all areas within the software. This makes it easy to unite all departments involved in broadcast syndication.

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