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Technical Support
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Customization & Upgrades
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Backed by over 25 years of analysis and design, the ability of MediaLogiq Systems, Inc. to develop and implement motion picture rights management systems for film production and distribution companies is a direct result of our focus on people, product and process.

We stimulate our teams to be agile, innovative and aim for simplicity while pursuing technical excellence in delivering high-value products. We use a set of engineering best practices and dynamic methodologies that embrace innovation and harness change for the customer's competitive advantage.

We use steady, working components of software as a measure of success. We are receptive and reactive to changing business rules and requirements. Balancing flexibility and scalability is a top priority through every stage of analysis and development.

Our goal is to promote a continuous flow of customer value. We use focus groups to engage and empower stakeholders. Our development focus on user interface design puts the client's experience ahead of the back-end architecture. The result is ease to use, logical flow and smart design. Utilizing this agile approach to software development, MediaLogiq has succeeded where others have not. Over a course of two decades, we have identified opportunities for success and turned initiated, incomplete, abandoned IT projects into fresh, viable solutions.


History of MediaLogiq Systems, Inc.

MediaLogiq Systems, Inc. has developed software for the entertainment industry for over almost three decades. Our ground-breaking team created a standard, cross-market research solution for distributors to track and analyze programs airing in international territories – ITVR.

Working with studios to develop ITVR to monitor licensed products, MediaLogiq identified its next opportunity: MediaRights, used by distribution companies, is a rights management system that understands the details and complexities inherent in film and television rights distribution. MediaRights is web-based, logical, scalable, with a forward thinking design, and smart functionality, which handles any type of intellectual property.

At MediaLogiq, we look for opportunities to provide business solutions to the entertainment industry. Delivering world-class solutions requires cutting-edge engineering and a thorough understanding of the film and television rights distribution commerce. We’re always a step ahead of the next advancement in technology and are quick to evolve with media trends.

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